best comedy Punjabi movies

Throughout the process of things working out, Punjabi film which was once said to have been ill-fated has now become one of the most engaging enterprises in India. Whatever be the class of these movies, they are completely loaded up with incredible humor and exemplary storylines. The legacy of Punjab and its remarkable culture itself charms many individuals all around the world which additionally reflects in their best comedy punjabi movies.

In this post, we have attempted to aggregate the best Punjabi comedy movies that you will totally be enchanted with. Thus, with no further ado, let us dive further into this article-

Best Punjabi Movies of All Time

  1. Yaar Anmulle

This is one of the most outstanding Punjabi comedy movies that investigates the narrative of 3 companions who are examining a college and its lodging. The plot rotates around the standard school stuff and what the understudies truly do. The primary leads of this film are Arya Babbar, Harish Verma, and Yuvraj Hans in driving jobs including the female leads Kajal Jain, Jividha Ashta, and Jenny Ghottra.

It is one of the movies that upon its delivery made the crowd chuckle at max speed. The film got positive basic commendation, particularly about its storyline and exhibitions of the entertainers. This film is likewise considered as a restoration for Babbar’s profession in the entertainment world.

Chief Anurag Singh

Kind – Comedy

Delivery Date – 7 October 2011

Run Time – 2 Hours 22 Minutes

Film industry Report-₹62 Million

  1. Nikka Zaildar

Being one of the most amazing Punjabi movies comedy, it follows an undergrad who falls head over heels for a young lady while considering. Albeit the film doesn’t have any strange plot, the general planning, and treatment of the plot is so all around done, that it turned out to be exceptionally well known upon its delivery. The film utilizes the circumstances and the entertainers Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa. The film got commonly great surveys from the pundits and the crowd the same and proceeded to turn into a moment hit. Try not to pass up this diamond of a comedy.

Chief Simerjit Singh

Classification – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 30th September 2016

Appropriated By – White Hill Studios

Run Time – 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Film industry Report-₹15 Crores

  1. Sardaar Ji

This is one of the comedy movies in Punjabi that spins around a ghostbuster Jaggi (played by Diljit Dosanjh) to drive away from the phantom of Neeru Bajwa that torment a house in London. As the film proceeds with amusing circumstances and characters make this film loads of fun all the while.

To make things intriguing, and adoration point is additionally presented in which the entertainer goes gaga for the apparition. The film proceeded to become one of the best movies of that time and is known for its incredible exhibitions. We suggest you watch this film no matter what.

Chief Rohit Jugraj

Kind – Fantasy

Delivery Date – 26 June 2015

Dispersed By – White Hill Studios

Run Time – 2 Hours 21 Minutes

Film industry Report-₹37.62 Crores

  1. Jatt and Juliet

Jatt and Juliet are one of the Punjabi best comedy movies that was at any point made. The story is about a Punjabi fellow who is enamored with a young lady whose guardians are undeniably challenging to deal with. The famous actors Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa leading the pack jobs and upon its delivery proceeded to turn into a blockbuster hit. The whole film is acceptable in each conceivable division of filmmaking. Both the vertical and crowd responses were remarkable and the greater part of them praising the eminent exhibitions of the lead entertainers and the storyline. This film shouldn’t be botched by any opportunity, simply snatch the DVD or watch it online at this point.

Chief Anurag Singh

Sort – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 28 June 2012

Disseminated By – White Hill Studios and Speed Records

Run Time – 2 Hours 22 Minutes

Film industry Report-₹24.84 Crores

Honors It won 7 honors at the PTC Punjabi Film Awards

  1. Fortunate Di Unlucky Story

It is one of the most amazing comedy movies Punjabi that depends on the existence of a women man named Lucky and his wedded companions and how they dissuade inconveniences. The lead entertainers involve Gippy Grewal who carries on with an extravagant and free life until he meets a young lady named Seerat.

The whole storyline rotates around diverting circumstances that consistently hold them back from getting hitched. Upon its delivery, the film was generally welcomed and proceeded to turn into a superhit. On the off chance that you haven’t seen this film, don’t burn through any additional time and watch this one at this point.

Chief Smeep Kang

Kind – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 26 April 2013

Created By – Gurfateh Films and Sippy Grewal Productions

Run Time – 2 Hours 10 Minutes

best comedy Punjabi movies

  1. Singh versus Kaur

It is one of the most amazing comedy Punjabi movies that is studded by a tremendous star cast in particular Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillon, and Survenn Chawla. This film denoted another look of the male lead entertainer that was never seen on the big screen.

It is a happy comedy that is all around facilitated by all of its entertainers in their given jobs. This film was revamped in Bengali, Kannada, and Odia. It was generally welcomed upon the delivery and got great surveys from crowds.

Chief Navaniat Singh

Type – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 15 February 2013

Delivered By – Suresh Productions, Sippy Grewal Productions, and Gurfateh Films

Run Time – 2 Hours 29 Minutes

  1. Disco Singh

Disco Singh is the best Punjabi comedy film that spins around a hopeful artist who is infatuated with a model. His fantasies do indeed work out and they meet, yet that isn’t without an amusing turn. The film’s lead star cast incorporates Surveen Chawla and Diljit Dosanjh.

The film was the third cooperation of Anurag and Singh in the wake of giving two or three blockbusters already. Albeit the film wasn’t generally welcomed by pundits, it actually proceeded to turn into the best movies of that year and indeed, broke a few records in the cinematic world.

Chief Anurag Singh

Class – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 11 April 2014

Created By – PTC Motion Pictures

Run Time – 2 Hours 21 Minutes

  1. Jatt James Bond

This is one of the amusing Punjabi movies comedy that stars Gippy Grewal and Zareen Khan ahead of the pack jobs. The film is around three individuals who need to demonstrate to his family who abused him. The film denoted the introduction of Bollywood entertainer Zarine Khan in Punjabi movies.

The plot is about these 3 companions who choose to ransack a bank to become rich. The film got a decent reaction across Punjab and different locales and performed well for the most part. For a decent portion of chuckling, you should watch this film once.

Chief Rohit Jugraj Chauhan

Type – Comedy

Delivery Date – 25 April 2014

Run Time – 3 Hours 40 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹35.00 Crores

  1. Ambarsariya

It is one of the new comedy movies Punjabi that portrays the account of a RAW specialist who is given the task of securing the Home Minister of PB. As the story advances, he meets two ladies and falls head over heels for the two of them.

The film is studded with well-known stars – Diljit Dosanjh, Monica Gill, Navneet Kaur Dhillon, and Lauren Gottlieb. The film flaunts giggling at each circumstance and was loved by a great many people all over India and particularly Punjab. The film performed very well generally and got benefits for the makers.

Chief Mandeep Kumar

Class – Comedy/Thriller

Delivery Date – 25 March 2016

Run Time – 2 Hours 30 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹24.88 Crores

  1. Shadaa

Shadaa is one of the new Punjabi movies comedies that was predominantly effective when it got delivered. The plot is about a man whose guardians need him to get hitched quickly. Indeed, he meets a young lady yet things are not excessively simple, since she doesn’t have faith in marriage.

The whole film scoops through his experiences and attempts to persuade her sweetheart to wed him. The lead entertainers of this film incorporate Diljit Dosanjh, Neru Bajwa, and in supporting cast-Hardeep Gill, Jagjeet Sandhu, and Anita Devgn among others.

Chief Jagdeep Sidhu

Type – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 21 June 2019

Delivered By – An and An Advisors and Brat Films

Run Time – 2 Hours 9 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹52.75 Crores

  1. Laung Laachi

Laung Laachi is one of the Punjabi full comedy movies that stars Ammy Virk and Neeru Bajwa ahead of the pack jobs. The plot is about a hitched couple who choose to live as outsiders. This is on the grounds that the spouse needs to experience passionate feelings before marriage. The remainder of the film is about the spouse who makes it a test to win over his better half. The film was generally welcomed by individuals and earned well in India.

Chief Amberdeep Singh

Class – Romantic Comedy, Drama

Delivery Date – 9 March 2018

Created By – Villagers Film Studios

Run Time – 2 Hours 17 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹15 Crores

  1. BhaJi in Problem

This Punjabi comedy full film is exceptionally diverting and is loaded with chuckling. Featuring well-known entertainers like Gippy Grewal, Ragini Khanna in lead jobs, and Gurpreet Guggi and others in supporting ones make this film worth watching. The story is around two hitched ladies to a similar man who is absolutely uninformed of one another and the aggravations emerge when an individual knows their mystery. With sudden turns and winds, the completion comes and you should see this one with your loved ones.

Chief Smeep Kang

Classification – Comedy

Delivery Date – 15 November 2013

Created By – Viacom 18 Motion Pictures

Run Time – 1 Hour 57 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹17 Crores

  1. Bambukat

This film turned out to be exceptionally famous among the majority after its underlying delivery. It follows a youngster who experiences passionate feelings for a young lady and takes rides on his bike. Yet, things take a sudden turn after someone else appears with his new bicycle. The film stars Ammy Virk, Simi Chahal, and Binnu Dhillon among others in the supporting cast. The film got fine audits and was an incredible hit.

Chief Pankaj Batra

Type – Comedy/Drama

Delivery Date – 29 July 2016

Delivered By – Rhythm Boyz Entertainment and Nadar Films

Run Time – 1 Hour 58 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹24.51 Crores

  1. Underhanded Jatts

Underhanded Jatts film

Watch Trailer

It is a fair romantic comedy Punjabi film that stars Arya Babbar, Binnu Dhillon and Roshan Prince, and Neeru Bajwa. It is around 3 men who go gaga for a similar lady and set off to seek after her. In the middle of the film are numerous comic arrangements that will stick the crowds to their seats. The film performed well in chosen districts. It is an absolute necessity to watch a comedy films with sufficient giggling components.

Chief Pankaj Batra

Class – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 2 August 2013

Created By – Multiline Entertainment

Run Time – 2 Hours 2 Minutes

Film industry Report – 62.5 Million

  1. Fer Mamla Gadbad

This amazing film is no less than a one-time watch in view of its extraordinary substance and stars Japji Khera, Roshan Prince, including Bhanu Sri Mehra. The plot is about an on-screen character who consistently fantasizes about making a film and his fantasy to set up a good foundation for himself as the main legend. All the while, he additionally will wed his adoration and furthermore starts to do profane activities to get heavy money.

Chief Rimpy Prince

Class – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 12 July 2013

Conveyed By – T Series

Run Time – 2 Hours 13 Minutes

Film industry Report – ₹2 Crores

  1. Daddy Cool Munde Fool

This film is loaded with chuckling with driving comic entertainers like Harish Verma, Amrinder Gill, Jaswinder Bhalla, Karamjeet Anmol, and Yuvika Chaudhary in the number one spot jobs. The plot spins around an out person to recover his relationship with his adoration during the school days, yet he doesn’t realize that his children are additionally infatuated with that lady’s little girls. The film got positive input from both the crowds and the pundits and fared well.

Chief Simerjit Singh

Classification – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 12 April 2013

Created By – Speed Records

Appropriated By-White Hill Studios

Run Time – 2 Hours 16 Minutes

  1. Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22

One more comedy film in this rundown is Tu Mera 22 Main Tera 22. The film highlights Amrinder Gill and Honey Singh in the main jobs including Mandy Takhar as the female lead. The story is around two ruined rich children who are shipped off Punjab to learn ensembles, customs, and values and not underestimate their sumptuous lives. Albeit the film got blended to positive surveys, still it figured out how to overcome individuals’ hearts and fared very well.

Chief Amit Prasher

Kind – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 25 January 2013

Conveyed By-White Hill Studios

Run Time – 1 Hour 54 Minutes

  1. Jatt Airways

It is a decent comedy film that flaunts some real chuckling minutes and is all-around acted. The celebrities Tulip Joshi, Smriti Khanna, Alfaaz, Jas Bhalla including Binnu Dhillon. The story spins around two siblings who need to get hitched to their particular love. Be that as it may, because of different false impressions, they start to loathe one another and this prompts numerous amusing and comic circumstances. The remainder of this film is about their get-together.

Chief Harjit Singh Ricky

Sort – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 30 August 2013

Run Time – 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Film industry – 1 Crore

  1. Jhalle

This film is about two individuals with mental problems who experience passionate feelings for one another. The film stars Binnu Dhillon, Sargun Mehta, Harby Sangha, Pavan Malhotra. The film is generally sweet and has its comic minutes and was valued by crowds for its exhibitions. The film fared well and performed modestly in the cinematic world.

Chief Amarjit Singh Saron

Type – Dark Comedy

Delivery Date – 15 November 2019

Delivered by-Binnu Dhillon Production, Dreamiyata Entertainment Pvt Ltd, and Manish Walia Production

Dispersed by – Omjee Star Studios and Navroz Gurbaaz Entertainment Ltd

Run Time – 2 Hours 10 Minutes

  1. Very good quality Yaariyaan

The famous actors Jassie Gill, Ranjit Bawa, and Ninja are in the main jobs. The story is about the kinship between three men who live abroad and their battles to adapt up to the hardships of life. The film got extraordinary audits and fared really well in India and Punjab the same. Notwithstanding, the pundits weren’t that flabbergasted by its storyline yet the movie’s report said something else.

Chief Pankaj Batra

Sort – Family, Drama, Comedy

Delivery Date – 22 Feb 2019

Run Time – 2 Hours 1 Minute

  1. Kala Shah Kala

The story is about a dimly complexioned man who is hitched by an excellent young lady. Be that as it may, his spirits are over when his significant other is moved by a phantom. The film stars Srgun Mehta, Jordan Sandhu, Binnu Dhillon in the main jobs. The film opened to profoundly sure surveys and was a superhit. Pundits and crowds supplemented the storyline and heading. You should watch it in case you are feeling low.

Chief Amarjit Singh

Type – Romantic Comedy

Delivery Date – 14 February 2019

Delivered by–Infantry Pictures and Naughty Men Productions

Run Time – 2 Hours 20 Minutes

Film industry Report–19 Crores

  1. Marriage Palace

The story is about a town young lady who does everything to wedding her affection. All that is by all accounts fine, however during the hour of marriage, the ladies get traded and what follows is a finished chaotic ride of comic groupings and minutes. The film commonly got ideal surveys from the two masses and the pundits for its great substance and proceeded to charge well in the cinematic world.

Chief Sunil and Shivani Thakur

Sort – Comedy

Delivery Date – 23 Nov 2018

Run Time – 2 Hours 15 Minutes

Film industry Report–$34,335

  1. Aate Di Chidi

The story is about a group of Punjabis that live in Canada and choose to get once again to their country, in this manner fulfilling the elderly folks. Notwithstanding, the more youthful ages would prefer not to migrate and not follow their practices and societies. This age hole and diverse reasoning reason a fracture among them and the remainder of the film is about the disorder and what at last occurs in the peak. The famous actors Amrit Maan, Gurpreet Guggi, Neeru Bajwa, just as Arjun Gupta. The film fared well across India.

Chief Harry Bhatti

Type – Black Comedy

Delivery Date – 18 October 2018

Run Time – 2 Hours 20 Minutes

Delivered By – Teg Productions

  1. Mr and Mrs 420

This famous actor Jassi Gill, Ranjit Bawa, Payal Rajput, alongside Jaswinder Bhalla among others in the supporting jobs. The story is around two young fellows who leave their families expecting to bring in more cash and substantiate themselves that they are truly commendable.

Be that as it may, they need to confront numerous hindrances en route when they neglect to get a house to remain to possess because of their conjugal status. The film fared well and was preferred by many individuals.

Chief Sshitij Chaudhary

Kind – Comedy

Delivery Date – 15 August 2018

Run Time – 2 Hours 20 Minutes

Delivered By – Friday Russh Motion Pictures

Conveyed by – Omjee Group

Film industry Report – 10 Crores

  1. Super Singh

This film was very remarkable in Punjabi film and was whenever somebody first depicting a hero in Punjabi movies. It is an anecdote about an in man Canada with his mom and has a free existence. One day his life pivots and he gets superpowers to save Punjab from different medication mafias and degenerate authorities and lawmakers.

The celebrities Sonam Bajwa and Diljit Dosanjh alongside another supporting cast. The film earned acclaim from past assumptions. Notwithstanding, it couldn’t pull off more in view of the enormous spending plan.

Chief Anurag Singh

Type – Superhero Comedy

Delivery Date – 16 June 2017

Run Time – 2 Hours 35 Minutes

Created By – Balaji Motion Pictures and Brat Films

Film industry Report – 49 Crores

  1. Yaar Annmulle Returns

It is a continuation of the effective Yaar Annmulle which stars Yuvraj Hans, Prabh Gill, and Harish Verma in the main jobs. The film is again around 3 companions that review in a similar college and face many good and bad times until their objectives take them in various ways. The film got blended audits when contrasted with its archetype however did very well in the country. Individuals appeared to appreciate it more than pundits.

Chief Harry Bhatti

Type – Drama Comedy

Delivery Date – 25 March 2020

Run Time – 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Delivered By – Shree Filmz and Jarnail Ghumman

Dispersed by – White Hill Studios

  1. Ranjha Refugee

This film stars Roshan Prince as the main man and Saanvi Dhiman. The cast is upheld by numerous gifted entertainers like Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sangha, Nisha Bano among others. The story rotates around a Punjabi man who battles for his main love and in the process finds out with regards to his tragically missing sibling who was raised as a Muslim. The film did fair assortments and got positive assortments.

Chief Avtar Singh

Class – Drama Comedy

  1. Saadi Marji

Saadi Marji punjabi film

This celebrity Harby Sangha, Yograj Singh, and Anirudh Lalit in driving jobs. The plot pushes ahead and shows their child who ends up being extremely fascinating because of the social contrasts. The film was given acceptable evaluations by pundits and the crowds the same. Try not to pass up this great film and watch it on your container.

Chief Ajay Chandok

Class – Comedy

Delivery Date – 25 January 2019

Run Time – 1 Hour 58 Minutes

Delivered by – Avantika Lalit, Maken Tanwar, Jagjit Singh Sidhu

Visuals by – Ramesh Gosavi and Milind Shivnikar

  1. Uda Aida

Uda Aida punjabi film

Uda Aida is an extraordinary film that stars Tarsem Jassar, Neeru Bajwa in the main jobs. The remainder of the supporting cast incorporates skilled names like BN Sharma, Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Guggi, and so forth The story is about a family that doesn’t sound monetarily secure and faces a troublesome time with the rich guardians when their child is selected an esteemed school. The film has its snapshots of giggling and will make you grin a great deal.

Chief Ksshitij Chaudhary

Class – Comedy/Drama

Delivery Date – 1 February 2019

Run Time – 2 Hours 16 Minutes

Created by – Ksshitij Chaudhary, Naresh Kathooria, Rrupaali Gupta, Deepak Gupta

Film industry Report – 13 Crores

  1. Mindo Taseeldarni

Mindo Taseeldarni Punjabi film

This film is very acceptable among its crowds and is predominantly female-situated. The celebrities Isha Rikhi, Kavita Kaushik, and Karmajot Anmol alongside other compelling cast individuals. The story is about a moderately aged person who lies about having a relationship with a lady to avoid marriage. Yet, things take a turn when he discovers that the young lady he enjoys is likewise named something very similar.

Chief Avtar Singh

Type – Comedy/Drama

Delivery Date – 28 June 2019

Run Time – 2 Hours 1 Minute

Delivered by – Karamjit Anmol

  1. Munda Hi Chahida

Munda Hi Chahida Punjabi film

Watch Trailer

Munda hey Chahida is a dramatization and comedy film that stars Harish Verma, Rubina Bajwa in the main jobs. At the point when he discovers that his better half is pregnant, Harish goes to any length to guarantee that she brings forth a child. Both the pundits and the crowds offered go-ahead to the creators and the actual film and it was fruitful in the cinema world.

Chief Deepak Thapar and Santosh Thite

Class – Comedy/Drama

Delivery Date – 12 July 2019

Run Time – 2 Hours 10 Minutes

Created by – Santosh Thite, Neeru Bajwa, Navdeep Narula, Ankit Vijan, and Gurjit Singh

  1. Ardab Mutiyaran

Ardab Mutiyaran Punjabi film

Watch Trailer

It is a vibe decent film that spins around a free lady. At the point when she gets hitched to a completely ruled person by parents in law, then, at that point, she battles to live all alone. The celebrities some well-known names like Mehreen Pirzade, Ninja, Sonam Bajwa, and so forth The film however was a comedy, still, it was commended for its ladies driven rights and musings. Basic applause was acceptable and the crowd likewise loved the film and its general topic.

Chief Manav Shah

Classification – Comedy/Drama

Delivery Date – 18 October 2018

Run Time – 2 Hours 18 Minutes

Created by – Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu

  1. Gidarh Singhi

This film is about a hopeful vocalist that additionally runs a lodging on a street. He buckles down and genuinely to earns enough to pay the bills. Then, at that point, follows a giggling uproar and spot of destiny that his recorded music is taken by another well-known vocalist. The celebrities Jordan Sandhu, Ravinder Grewal, Rubina Bajwa are in the number one spot jobs. However, the film worked out in a good way for the crowd’s taste however not with the pundits. All things considered, it is a pleasant ride and will be appreciated by your family.

Chief Vipin Parashar

Class – Comedy/Drama

Delivery Date – 29 November 2019

Run Time – 2 Hours

Created by – Abhishek Tyagi

  1. Khatre Da Ghuggu

Khatre Da Ghuggu Punjabi film

The film brags a heavenly star cast Jordan Sandhu, Diljott, BN Sharma, and Raj Dhaliwal. The story is about a radio station personality who cherishes a young lady and needs to get hitched. However, fate has some different designs for him when he asks a soothsayer and he predicts his troublesome passing. The film was truly entertaining and some amusing minutes simply add icing to the cake. You will definitely like it with your companions.

Chief Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema

Classification – Comedy

Delivery Date – 17 Jan 2020

Run Time – 1 Hour 58 Minutes

Screenplay by – Ravinder Mand

  1. Kitty Party

Kitty Party Punjabi film

This film is about a gathering of housewives who live in Chandigarh who frames a kitty bunch and turns out to be old buddies. The film stars Kainaat Arora, Gurpreet Ghuggi in the principal jobs. The film wasn’t that generally welcomed by the pundits, however, crowds appeared to like it especially due to its extraordinary substance.

Chief Nav Bajwa

Sort – Comedy

Delivery Date – 13 December 2019

Run Time – 2 Hours 14 Minutes

Screenplay by – Nav Bajwa, Aman Sidhu

Created by – Jagjeet Singh Arri

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