Top shipping companies in India

The shipping industry in India assumes a critical part in innumerable ways. For one’s purposes, shipping is a significant supporter of the nation’s import and fare business. Additionally, shipping has and still is a typical method of water transport, transferring individuals and freight starting with one country then onto the next.

Indeed, today shipping assumes an indispensable part in the development of India’s web-based business, wherein products requested by clients are sent to them by the vendor in a real sense in no time, facilitating expedient and ideal conveyance.

How about we investigate the absolute most well-known dropshipping companies in India that assist with fostering the country’s monetary development.

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  1. Shipping Corporation of India
  2. Essar Shipping
  3. Incredible Eastern Shipping Company
  4. Bharati Shipyard
  5. ABG Shipyard
  6. Mercator Limited
  7. Gujarat Pipavav
  8. Varun Shipping
  9. Worldwide Offshore Services
  10. Shreyas Shipping
  11. Cochin Shipyard Ltd
  12. Dredging Corporation of India
  13. Aban Offshore Limited
  14. Dolphin Offshore Enterprises
  15. Triton Logistics And Maritime
  16. Apeejay Shipping
  17. Nautilus Shipping

Points to Consider While Choosing a Shipping Partner

Look at their conveyance course

Check for Insurance cover

Look at costs

Do an individual verification on the organization

Check for tracking administration

Final Thoughts

  1. Shipping Corporation of India

The Shipping Corporation of India

One of the most seasoned shipping companies in India, it was set up by the Indian government back in 1961 and is today the highest name in the industry. The organization, under the chairmanship of B K Mandal, is probably the biggest generator of unfamiliar trade in India and a central member in the nation’s exchange market.

Settled in the corporate focus, Madame Cama Road, Mumbai, SCI offers different administrations, for example, – Passenger, big hauler, liner, and mass transporters. Besides, they oversee vessels that oblige both public and international lines as well.

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Basis Particulars

Revenue 3902.69 Crores INR (Estimated)

Number of Employees 6242

Headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra

  1. Essar Shipping

Essar Shipping Logo

The second-biggest shipping organization in India after the Shipping Corporation is Essar Shipping. The organization is a piece of the Essar Group and is ISO guaranteed just as BSE recorded. It has become well known as a supplier of various administrations, including strategic administrations. The organization is led by ShashiRuia.

Being settled in Mumbai, the organization is a piece of the Essar Group. It is a strategic specialist organization that continually draws in with the businesses of oilfield administrations and transportation via ocean.

Essar offers these types of assistance to ESIL (Essar Steel India Limited) and EOL (Essar Oil Limited) which are occupied with manufacturing exercises and require administrations from the organization with regards to finished products and crude materials.

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Basis Particulars

Revenue 8383 Crore Estimated

Number of Employees 3000 to 6000

Head Office Mumbai

  1. Extraordinary Eastern Shipping Company


An ISO 9001:2000 affirmed organization, this one has been in activity since up to 1948, which makes it one of the most established and among the best shipping companies in India.

A portion of the administrations given by the organization includes transport of strong, fluid, and gas items, including raw petroleum and petrol merchandise. The organization is going by KM Seth who fills in as its director.

Being a leading shipping organization, its business is isolated into two sections Offshore and Shipping. Regardless of whether it is dry mass items or raw petroleum, all are moved. Besides, the organization likewise serves oil companies in the creation exercises and operating seaward investigation.

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Basis Particulars

Headquarter Mumbai, Maharashtra

Revenue ₹42.00 billion

Founded 1948

  1. Bharati Shipyard


Involved in the manufacturing of boats and transport of raw petroleum, this one began tasks in 1973, established by P.C. Kapoor and Vijay Kumar. The organization at present works administrations in three portions of the shipping business – the building of boats, designing them, and fix of boats.

The organization’s central command is situated in Mumbai and its assessed representative strength is up to 5500. Talking about the turnover of Bharati Shipyard is assessed to be in excess of 4600 crores. It is no big surprise that Bharati Shipyard is the leading shipping organization in India.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

Subsidiaries Pinky Shipyard Private Limited

Founded 1973

Founders Prakash C. Kapoor, Vijay Kumar

  1. ABG Shipyard

Set up in 1985, the organization works under the authority of Rishi Agarwal, its administrator. ABG Shipyard is a famous name in the industry for its administrations that include the development of a few sorts of vessels, including the ones like help vessels and container ships.

Same as the Bharati Shipyard, ABG centers around both the plan and production of boats that are not involved in transport administrations. The shipping organization has a colossal repairing unit situated in Goa and its yearly turnover is around 4900 crores.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

Subsidiaries Western India Shipyard, ABG Motors Limited

Founded 1985

Number of employees 250

shipping companies in india

  1. Mercator Limited

Next on our rundown of top 10 shipping companies in India is Mercator Ltd, established in 1983 and a piece of the Mercator Group. The organization has stretched out the shipping business into various fields, for example, coal mining, oil and gas, and coordination.

Besides, the organization has wandered into seaward business alongside its auxiliaries Mercator Oil and Gas Ltd and Mercator Offshore. Mercator is situated in Mumbai and is one of the most famous shipping companies around.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

Revenue 683.9 crores

Founded 1983

Subsidiaries Mercator Petroleum Limited

CEO Shalabh Mittal

  1. Gujarat Pipavav

One of the world’s biggest container terminal administrators, Gujarat Pipavav has a far and wide organization spanning in excess of 50 ports in the whole world. The organization has acquired notoriety for providing probably the best excellent administrations in the field of freight handling, coordination backing, and fee.

Likewise, with a yearly turnover of in excess of 1500 crores, Gujarat Pipavav is similarly new on the lookout and has an expected work strength of around 5100 representatives.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Pipavav, Gujarat

CEO Ajit Venkataraman

Founded 1996

Founder Nikhil Gandhi

  1. Varun Shipping

This one is claimed and run secretly and gloats of in excess of 20 vessels, 10 LPG transporters, and 3 raw petroleum big haulers.

The organization is driven by proficient and productive administration that has mastery in various domains – specialized and business tasks of the business, finance division, secretarial and lawful activities, information innovation, and HR.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

Director Khurshed M Thanawalla

Founded 1971

Executive and MD Yudhishthir D. Khatau

  1. Worldwide Offshore Services

The organization has made a serious name for itself in the Indian shipping industry owing to its enormous vessel armada. It likewise prides itself in work insight with various vessel investigation and creation firms like ONGC, British Petroleum, and Shell.

The organizer of the organization was Late Padma Bhushan Dr. B D Garware. Administrations include the transport of individuals and freight and anchor-handling activities.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

Founded 1976

Chairman Ashok Garware

  1. Shreyas Shipping

Set up in 1988 yet began operating exclusively by 1994 with the end goal of filling the hole among homegrown and international seaports. The organization is occupied with providing feeder, port office, coordinations, and territorial administrations.

Being the best shipping organization existing today, it has an expected work strength of approx 4000 representatives. Furthermore, about the organization’s yearly turnover, it is around 190 crores.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Key people Ramesh S Ramakrishnan

Geeta Ramakrishnan

Founded 1977

  1. Cochin Shipyard Ltd

It gloats of being the biggest office in the country for building and maintaining vessel containers. The organization has a place with a line of sea-related offices in Kochi.

Its administrations include the arrangement of big haulers, mass transporters, stage supply vessels, watch boats, and diving support vessels to the Indian shipping industry. Additionally considered as a part of the greatest maintenance and shipbuilding offices in India, it is a piece of sea-related offices in the port city in Kochi.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Kochi, India

Revenue ₹25.44 billion

Key people Madhu S Nair (CMD)

Founded 1972

Owner‎ Govt. of India

  1. Dredging Corporation of India


Keep going on our rundown of top shipping companies in India is DCI. The organization is a Miniratna Public Sector Unit (PSU) occupied with dredging for Indian seaports only. Be that as it may, the organization digs at international seaports as well, however sometimes.

These include nations the ports at Sri Lanka, Taiwan, and Dubai. With its base camp in Vishakhapatnam, the organization is involved in maintenance dredging, capital dredging, land recovery, and seashore sustenance exercises.

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Basis Particulars

Headquarters Visakhapatnam, India

Revenue ₹7,438 million

Founded 1976

Managing Director Rajesh Tripath

  1. Aban Offshore Limited


This was before known as Aban Loyd Chiles Offshore Ltd. This gathering is the greatest seaward drilling specialist co-op to oil companies. It mainly obliges ONGC. They are presently providing administrations to an Iranian oil organization. The organization was established in 1986.

The settlement of the organization is in Chennai. The organization is into seaward and inland drilling, development, power estates, wind energy, and so forth The executive of the organization is Mr. P Murari. This organization is considered a leading shipping organization in the country.

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Basis Particulars

Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Revenue ₹279.67 billion

Founded 1986

Managing Director Reji Abraham

  1. Dolphin Offshore Enterprises

This organization was established in 1979. This is a leading submerged administrations supplier to oil and gas companies. They embrace turnkey projects and have an assorted portfolio.

Their administrations are confirmed to ISO 9001 and by the American Bureau of Shipping. This is one of the most outstanding shipping companies in India and the administrator of this organization is Rear Admiral Kirpal Singh.

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Basis Particulars

Headquarters Mumbai, Maharashtra

MD and CEO Satpal Singh

Founded 1979

Chairman Kirpal Singh

  1. Triton Logistics And Maritime

This is important for the Omega shipping gathering of companies which is viewed as an extremely presumed bunch. It offers worldwide types of assistance and it is known for its cutthroat rates.

The Omega Shipping Group was set up in 1985 and they have the mission of providing the best administrations to the customers.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Nehru Place, Delhi

Revenue INR 250 million

Date of Incorporation 2001

  1. Apeejay Shipping

Apeejay Shipping Ltd logo

This was set up in 1948 and this is one of the biggest exclusive shipping companies of India. It’s abroad auxiliaries are Surrendra Overseas (Panama) Inc, Panama, and Surrendra Overseas (Singapore) Pte Limited A group of committed experts (both above water and shorewards).

This is an ISO 9001-2000 organization. They have exceptionally severe security and quality guidelines.

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Basis Particulars

Headquarters Kolkata, India

Founder ‎Lala Pyare Lal

Number of employees 43,000

  1. Nautilus Shipping

They give various administrations like boat the board, group the executives, transport organization, coordinations, and so on They call themselves store suppliers of oceanic arrangements. They have a time of involvement and they have 6 workplaces around the world. Captain Ajay Handa is the main guide and overseer of this organization and he has assumed an extremely dynamic part in the marine industry.

Basis Particulars

Headquarters Tamil Nadu, India

MD and Founder Ajay Krishnamani

Founded 2005

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Points to Consider While Choosing a Shipping Partner

To stay away from any conceivable grave blunders, the following are a couple of key pointers to recall prior to selecting a coordinations accomplice for your web-based business.

Look at their conveyance course

You need to know the primary mile, on the way course, just as the last mile in the conveyance course of your shipping organization prior to finalizing them for your business.

Ensure that they are solid to convey merchandise on schedule to any piece of the nation, even the remotest regions. A few companies band together with neighborhood messenger offices to work with far-off conveyances; check if your organization offers this office.

Check for Insurance cover

Despite how proficient the shipping organization might be in ensuring the protected conveyance of products ready, mishaps can happen whenever, anyplace. The products may either be lost during travel or harmed.

In such a case if the shipping organization doesn’t offer insurance cover, the whole expense would need to be borne by you as a merchant which implies a misfortune for your business.

Analyze costs

Similarly as online business is growing quickly so are the shipping organizations willing to draw in with online businesses for the reason. Subsequently, get your work done completely; come close to expenses presented by a portion of the leading shipping companies that you are aware of.

Also, on the off chance that the shipping cost on the request put by your client ends up being higher than the real worth of the thing, the client is probably going to forsake the request and continue on. Try not to allow that to occur.

Do a personal investigation on the organization

This is vital in light of the fact that you are handing over your business under the control of an outsider, in a real sense. Your product is the entire and soul of your online business.

Recall that once the shipment has left your store, it turns into the shipping organization’s obligation. So you should be certain who you are partnering with to protect your merchandise.

Check for tracking administration

Pick a conveyance accomplice that gives tracking office to your products ready. This is especially useful for both you and your client’s comfort.

If there should be an occurrence of any unanticipated deferrals, you can monitor where your product has reached and maybe inform the client well ahead of time about the possible postponement. This would be quite valued.

Final Thoughts

The shipping industry has a great deal to add to our Indian economy. It has consistently been a dependable and advantageous method of transport for individuals and for the development of merchandise also.

In any case, presently its entrance into the web-based business market just proceeds to demonstrate that it is an indispensable link in the business and can do some amazing things for it if the right accomplice is picked. Simply remember the points referenced in the post above and settle on your decision cautiously.

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